And always a bigger troublesome art drops into a kindler ball of sparkling beauty.

how I fell so oblique to pour in some life, through you. But maybe, just to see You  too as naïve as remnants of yore nights.

To my Delhi rains, in particular..

for the stagnant roars, for the hideous sores, for the silent cores,                  rains do wonders! for the lives too uncertain,                  rains do wonders.

It's a day of absolute bliss.  something absurd yet perfect. And I might just hop a beat to reach  you wild, my love!                   ~a short note to life.  

And a time comes when nothing remains except a face perceptible.

Crime of Servitude

Hold. Stop. Else will shoot your nerve, fierce bullet shall end all your verve. Dare Move. Cease that libertine birth, begin serving as my domestic bird. Shush. Utter not a single word, create your castles only by shades of my mud. Quick. Dismantle your life's conduct, dive into the norms set in my order. Release.... Continue Reading →

Age of Deception

We live in an age where proximities are toxic than the unattended ones. Bugging since birth, we are taught to build up walls of closeness. closeness with humans, closeness with their buttons as well. no matter what strength it takes, what time it takes, what psych it takes to construct those huge structures of trust... Continue Reading →

I see, the world as a glass of broken promises and broken hearts. (all popping and wailing to be plastered for life)

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