NO. The full stop connotes completion of verdict in itself, uncalled for any further vindication. Are men too baseless to understand this indication? Are you so flat to get this direct echo?

Coming up with such well-spun courtroom drama ‘Pink’, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has done an applaudable job. It spectacles the jitters of women in a bustling metropolitan city. The movie projects the inept plutocracy existing in our bloc incessant to wacky dictum. The enumeration of women’s affliction and how vulnerably she is looked upon among the patriarchal impediments is aptly traced.

Why are you so aghast with our rein? Our terrain holds contrasting criterion for men and women that asserts only women to fall into the line, that too without rebelling. Unfortunately, men are so shrewd that if women wear short clothes and have a ‘friendly’ time with them then they would apparently get turned on. If she smiles and responds politely then it becomes an inviting gesture for them. She unknowingly gives man a hint if she hangs out with him in bars or late at night which would indicate that she could end up doing anything with him. No women must be allowed to move out alone, in curtailed attire and after sunset which counts up to the Girls Safety Manual that Mr.Amitabh Bachchan satirically formulates in the movie. It layouts that each time it is ‘her’ responsibility to remain safe and men are no sinners.

Women are simply left as subjects to men-hunting. Nobody really cares or look upon women in the morning but as everything sets off at night, the windowpanes get down and those devilish embodiments are aroused. Time defines women’s character in our country. Why are women victims of every brutal extortion and still devoid of defiance. No, no actions signify that women body perpetuates men. Nodding does not deliver any invitation.

Why aren’t we unfettered and are reviewed just on our glimpse? Who gives men the right to buy our dignity? Why does the golden agers advocate only sons? Why are we astringed with manacles and refused to fly, why?

Although, there is no acknowledgment to our agitation but Aniruddha Chowdhury comes up with the most substantial yet curtained aspect of our society. Thanks to him for a tight slap to the manist cult and highlighting the unnoticed adversity of women. Hence, the crux lies that whether it is moral or immoral, no means NO!