i will fly so high one day, that you will see me rising far and soon lose the sight of me.. still feeling me all around. ~ I'd be your air! we are lovers. we might go as far as we want yet leaving the heart and all the love and amorous vibes around our... Continue Reading →

Hopeless amour

How amiable those ages were, when innocence fluttered cheerful smirks.  Once the time of knitted nerves, swore for an eternal must. Ranting about the world so candid,  a layer of deception shrouded on her.  Dreary nights passing each day,  fell her soul into some gloomy mud. Twisted their ways into clumsy turns, divulged all love... Continue Reading →

let your soul beam!

Sometimes, I wonder how sheepish our miseries are, how bland our wounds are, how flexed our insecurities are. It's us. It's us who fail to feel the essence of these immense beauties. It's us who tend to turn around and refuse to take them as a boon. It's us who just adore the layers of... Continue Reading →

my idols for life <3

sooner or later. sooner or later we meet a person somewhere by complete coincidence. sooner or later, we confide in them through incandescent flow of  their degree of passion. sooner or later, we let go of our incongruous freckles under their tidings. time comes when things so chaotic turn more lustrous, where only the faith... Continue Reading →

I reside at my inabilities, my failures and my flaws.  All of which I own very much. To call it mine, “I call this life as Perfectly Fine.”  

She just vowed to heal at least one life in her whole life, letting all her scars melt for blissful pains and soothing smiles.

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